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Transmission is the most basic part of any car. Basic parts are extremely vital as they form the roots of the vehicle, transmission is one such part. Buying a car is a lot to do with one’s interest, investment, and a belief that it would reduce their work effort. Parts of cars are responsible for a good running vehicle. Like transmission, there are many other parts responsible for the smooth functioning of any car.

The gearbox is also one such tool that helps the efficient moving of a car. Transmission is an important part of any car, as it converts speed and momentum into power which helps a car’s smooth and efficient movement. Breaking down the complexity of its vitality, Transmission in its simplest form transmits power from the engine to the wheels along with the driveshaft and axle which results in the smooth function of any car.

Car transmissions – Types?              

Time flows and brings in a lot of variations and versions of different products. Car transmissions with the evolution of time have developed a lot. When we go ahead and broadly divide the different transmission types, majorly we can jot down three. Each came with demand and necessity. 

First one being, manual transmission. Manual transmission is also known as the standard transmission. It utilizes the clutch, operated by the driver to regulate torque from the engine to the transmission. This type is mechanical friendly, with zero complications. In terms of cost, they give the best fuel economy and are cheaper when compared to the other two. 

The second one is the automatic transmission. This type of transmission automatically changes gear and the driver needs want to have a pressure-filled drive. This transmission is user friendly and does need a lot of attention while driving. 

The third one is CVT, which stands for continuously variable transmission. It is also called “Shiftless transmission”. It is also told that it is the next version of an automatic transmission as it has multiple gear ratio options that change seamlessly. It enables the engine to run at its efficient speed. 

Need for transmission in a car? 

The role of transmissions in a car is very important. While the description of transmissions is simple but its component and need in any car are huge. It has multiple components that complement any car.

The transmission fluid helps in lubrication and cooling. It also helps in avoiding noisy and damaging clashing of the gears. They help in enhancing the car’s performance. With the demand came a lot of versions and variations to transmissions. Whatever is the need, different types of transmission would satisfy it. In a nutshell, the transmission is a basic but vital part of any car. With its proper maintenance like checking the fluid, using appropriate fluid, service of the engine system, flushing the transmissions regularly, etc. 

Which transmission is best? 

 Different car has different need, likewise the appropriate transmission in it. 

Manual Transmission: Manual transmission is a globally used transmission. Most of the people around the globe use a manual transmission. With the evolution of technology and the increased demand for people’s needs, transmission technologies have also changed. Classic cars like ambassadors had a gear shifter just below the steering column. In such a scenario the clutch played the main role as it transmitted the power from engine to transmission for it to get transmitted to the wheels. But with time more gears were added to ease the entire process. 

Automatic Transmission- It is the most popular transmissions as it eases the gear shifting process. Earlier it was used luxury cars but due to their numerous demand, now most of the cars have automatic transmission. Cars like Volkswagen, AudiQ7, etc use automatic transmission. The most important reason as to why it is used much is, this type of transmission can change gears without the intervention of the driver. This feature helps the person driving, a pressure-free drive. 

CVT Transmission: This transmission isn’t an old one. It is used because of its smoothness when compared to other classic transmissions. It provides infinite gear ratios. Cars like Maruti Suzuki, Baleno, etc have a CVT transmission. 


On the whole, no transmission is lesser than the other. It completely depends on the needs and necessities. These parts are costly if we want to buy them first hand after losing the original one. Candotautoparts provides supreme quality, used transmissions to ensure no car compromises on its smooth drive.


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